Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Slime Season - Cityboistreets ft Piffboy Ziggy

The Piff Boyz have struck again. Cityboistreets and Ziggy teamed up again with a new hit called Slime Season. the video feature alot of the Piff Boy squad these boys are hitting and they still haven't slowed down.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Friday, October 7, 2016

Janis Joplin - Summertime

Janis Joplin is one America's most slept on artist. Check out Summer Time.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

All Hail Icess.

Marissa Renay Cook also known as Lady Icess now going by just Icess, born in Atlanta TX in September 15, 1991. At the age of 6 her mother Darlene Cook who was also a singer as well noticed her daughter was gifted with talent of music and song. With her love and gift of music she found her self joining the local Shiloh Baptist Church choir. She always had a love for music from church gospel to Hip Hop and R&B and country. Over the years she noticed she had a talent to make rhymes and a sassy attitude to match. Lady Icess was created in 2012 and that’s when the story of Icess began. Since she has already made major collaborations with artist such as BeatKing and her own  first self released album titled “Phucker Up”. Not stopping the she helped form a indy label called Brutalful Entertainment were she is still an active partner. Her album "Phucker up" which got her some major notice. Icess is on a mission to leave her mark on the industry not limiting her career, even exploring modeling, acting and not limiting herself to 1 genre of music. She is proud to be an artist that use’s her own hands to help build her pyramid and the legacy of Icess.

CRAY - Just Brittany

Sunday, September 18, 2016

AMD1•Dragon Empress����

From the Inspiring Young Age of 9. An Empress Born To Whom is Now Referred To & Has Earned
The Alias THE EMPRESS RZA AMD1 CEO of MAZDELUZIONZ & M.C.T.M.B. Forever Consumed
By the hip hop genre & Inspired by many legendary artists from the likes of MC.Lyte, to MC
Shan,Run DMC and Many More to name...AMD1 Began as a Lyricist to Composing Beats as the
Years Progressed onto what became an entry into the DJ W
orld while forming a small crew of 5
members known as Mazdeluzionz which now consists of close to 9 members and the main
Headliner & AMD1 Born Leader & EMPRESS of MAZDELUZIONZ & T.I.M.E.] My Creation My
Formation!!! STATS: Marketing/Promoting/Production Management./Engineer/Female Lyricist/DJ
quite a few Spots/Beat Compositions/Producer Etc...(AMD1 C.E.O. of
MAZDELUZIONZ & T.I.M.E. in Assoc. w/ P.A.I.D. 4 GRFX Much Luv,Sincerely...AMD1 (#Salute To
ALL My Fans For Constant Support So One Day I W
ill Go Down In History...Remember Without
You Guys I'm Just His-Story

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

So there this dude named "IROME".

Let's go around the world with iRome. This Cali bred artist is capturing the globe
with his fun, catchy, and spontaneous music. After beginning his pursuit of
success in his music career at the age of 22, this artist has climbed the mountain
tops in only three years. He started out his career ghost writing for artists based
in the Cali area and grew tired and decided to invest the time and energy into
himself and began working on his own project. From that moment on, things took
off to a whole new level.
iRome began working as an
electronic/pop/rap artist in
Miami, Florida where he
previously worked under hit
maker Flo Rida with IMG
StrongArm. iRome was cosigned
by Rick Ross, Soulja
Boy, and Roscoe Dash and
afterwards worked with rappers
& singers Chingy, Flo Rida,
Mims, Drake, Freebands Nickaveli, Serayah McNeil, Just Brittany, & Chloe
Riley. After the one year development he moved to Los Angeles & signed to
Universal Bangalow. iRome landed a role as a middle-eastern billionaire for the
movie Fast and Furious 7 to be released in April, 2015 (IMDb) & worked on the
official Paul Walker Fast & Furious music video which features cast members
from the movie & has gotten praise from Paul Walkers younger brother Cody
Walker. Since then he has been featured in various magazines & TV shows
which include XXL Magazine, Hype Magazine, MTV, Vlad TV, & The Sisterhood
of Hip Hop, & Pandora.He continues to grind and is on the climb with his music
breaking down barriers, showing that it doesn't matter what your skin color is, Hip
Hop and music, in general is universal.

Currently, iRome is working in the
Houston market and bringing a
new flavor to the scene. With the
interest of the Love & Hip Hop
franchise, the world may be
preparing to see a lot more of
iRome. He is, also, planning to
release a new single working with
MrJayondatracc and go on tour
with Bone Thugz-N-Harmony this October  (dates to be
announced). The release of his
new single and video "Rainbow
Sippin" featuring Just Brittany
with an appearance by Empire
Star, Serayah Mcneill. This young
man is proving that he is more
than deserving of a top spot and is putting the world on notice to pay close
attention. Welcome to the world of iRome!

The eyes are on K Mitch.

K.Mitch is a street savvy rapper that finds himself growing everyday. Growing up
as a troubled youth, K.Mitch found solace and refuge in his music and sports. K.
Mitch has been actively performing and creating music since his junior high days,
singing in the choir and even publishing a few of his poems. As time and life
continued to evolve, K Mitch grew as an artist. K. Mitch began wholeheartedly
pursuing his career in 2010. After an extensive artist awareness tour and debut at
SXSW 2012 it was all over.
K Mitch went to work in the
studio working with doing a
collaboration with Propane
called "Bounce Dat" and
began getting noticed from
the Houston hip hop

Currently, he is building his
network and focusing on being
an entrepreneur with his new
Urban line T.O.C (The Out
Crowd). His motto is Why fit in,
when you can stand out? His
latest single "4 Lanez" is blazing
the air waves and is securing his
seat at the table. K. Mitch is
definitely setting himself apart
from the competition. Make sure you join him in The Out Crowd.

The Ts Madison Take Over!

Well it's finally happened!!!!! After Ts Madison released her EP album "The New
Supreme" which is still making waves she has released the most anticipated
collaboration. With the Platinum rap artist Khia who did hit song "My neck My
back" these two Atlanta Natives teamed up and came up with a Hip Hop club hit
"can't fuck wit me". And another collabo everyone saw coming, Ts Madison is
featured on Rupaul's new album 'Butch Queen" with a hip hop bounce track
called "Drop". Ts Madison will be working with Big Freedia. Helping pave the way
for trans and GLBT artist. But more than that she is popping spinning in the clubs from New York to Atlanta and Texas shows her mad love. She has proven she is a serious artist and is serious about her music career. With the release of the her latest single "Out The Box" produced by Ellis Miah who did Rupaul's latest billboard charting album that's already on itunes. As she is hoping to go on tour, her first music tour no shade. Christan Milan is said to be featured on that, more still  to come on that For now just waiting to see what Ts Madison does next.  

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Maximillian Christopher Steinke, better known by his stage name MADMAX is an
American rapper from Maryville, MO. He began writing music when he was 13
years old and started recording at the age of 15. At the age of 16 Max released his
first 15 track album (MADE 4 THIS) on iTunes and many other popular online music
stores. Max then began learning very quickly what he would need to do to pursue
music, as a career. MADMAX then released a 10 track album (All About the Dream)
online with several music videos. At the age of 18, Max linked up with Kansas City
artist, Suspect, which led him to graduate high school early in December and hit the
road in March on a National Tour known as the "Reefer And Liters Tour!"
Following the National Tour
Max released his latest project
"110% EP" under MCFL /
having major meetings in New
York following his EP release,
Max is currently working on a
few Top Secret Projects and
preparing for some very big
reveals. Max is definitely
building a brand with all the
components needed for
success. As an artist, with the
support of a label and a few
musical veterans like
Miilkbone, Max is putting the
game on notice that he is coming for the top spot.
With the success of his EP "110%" continues grow, Max keeps focus on the music
and making sure he puts out the best music helps to inspire his generation. He
wants his music to have substance and fire beats. MadMax is, certainly, keeping to
his word and delivering on the music that will change the game. As for what he has
coming soon, Max says, "I am preparing to release some music that will change the
current and cause a new wave!" Well, put on your your seat belt welcome to fury

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Top Hip Hop Alert Love and Hip Hop Houston Cast Exclusive

    The Love and Hip Hop Houston cast is in. We got the exclusive with the confirmed cast of the show. Helping kick off the first season with Love and Hip Hop New York's Johnnie Blaze who is back banging in H-town and already starting drama with fellow female cast mate Nessacary; a young new female talent killing the radio in Houston and she is the only one out of the females that have a single on the radio. Kirko Bangz who is just coming off tour will be on the show as well, hot young hit maker DJ Chose who is killing the clubs and the airwaves and of course the legendary Paul Wall had to be apart of the cast. Houston even showing there diversity with not only Paul Wall but IRome actor and hip hop artist. Just Brittnay falling of the controversy with Rihanna stealing her lyrics and with latest release of her new album "Stripped". So lets see if she still has that good good. Drama is already in her corner with Gepetto Jackson and are said to be involved and known beef with Houston sweet heart Ronnetta Spencer who sang barre baby in 2000 with Big Moe but due to her controlling family and rumored her father's known shady business are the reason she has never been able to fully pursue her career and truly succeed. Other cast members are Slim Thug and Jay Prince jr son of Jay Prince sr ceo of Rap - Alot - Records. Also MrJayOnDatracc who is this seasons music producer fight with who recently had a serious fight which almost lead to possible violence with producer Tberry at music world. This juicy cast is looking very colorful. Drama filled , mind blowing and jaw dropping. lets see what H-town has to offer and lets see what the buzz is all about.