Monday, September 17, 2018

leavv - Mind Garden [full album]

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Demon Seed (Official Video)

KILLSHOT Eminem Answers Back, Apologized To Diddy While Burying Kelly

Well MGK asked for it and he woke the kill dog. The punchlines and switch ups "Click bait to you'll have a hit when Diddy admits to having pac killed." Wow there really is much to say the shots were fired,he shot back. It's been three days since the release and MGK and Co writer have not answered back. Guess there hand is shaking still it's okay MGK you still sexy even with Shady's dick in your mouth.

This is Viral I guess Kanye West & Lil Pump ft. Adele Givens - "I Love It"


Lil Duval Feat. Snoop Dogg & Ball Greezy "Smile Bitch" (WSHH Exclusive -...

IDK. But it's great see, hear Snoop but now and days he just doing whatever the fuck he want's to do.

"Smile Bitch if you breathing you achieving"


Lardi B - They Like That I'm Fat [Remix | Cardi B - I Like It] - OFFICIA...

First Its a real song on itunes. She was really fun and entertaining with her bars there a female rape movement. The pointing at the burger was to funny, some might find it offense but it sign of confidence and its all in fun get your bread Lardi.

Celebrity Elementary! Random Structure TV Straight Played Nicki & Cardi B But In A Good Way

Random Structure TV, the home of Cameron J, also known as Starrkeisha has made another one. From the start I was laughing, Cardi B, Beyonce and Lady Gaga attendance responses. The Nicki, Cardi altercation was to funny comparing there red carpet disgrace to a high school elementary fight was to spot on. Now if the make can happen like that which the industry is asking them to come together, with Movement that's happening in female hip hop right now.
Made love to Cameron J.

Houston's Just Brittnay & Nessacary They Were Friends Right?

 Houston's own reality tv star Just Brittnay from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Just Brittnay is not the only female rapper with a target on her back.  This photo was taken back in 2016 Love and Hip Hop Houston tapping and sitting with her is female rap artist Nessacary.  First off is this a planned beef to help build the following, get the masses ready for Love and Hip Hop Houston? 

Just Brittnay and Nessacary even had planned and spoke about a join project titled Thelma and Louise they even did a photo shoot together, also Just Brittnay and Nessacary attended and performed at each others events,shows, out of all the time and allegedly they were Team Playmates.

Two weeks ago Nessacary released diss track about Just Brittnay calling her out for having sex with TI,Chris Brown and lying about her Abuse report of ZRO. The track titled " (Just BrokEney) Just Brittnay Diss."

But there was a answer back...
Just Brittnay (Story of Nessacary)
  Just Brittnay shout back from calling the Cleveland born artist came to Houston basically selling herself ,CEO/ Manager Edo of ER ent that nessacary also introduces her as her husband is just a trick. And did she really want to finger Brittnay with the three fingers? Brittnay vented about her hurt of being betrayed by a friend, Nessacary and clount chasing.
  Just Brittnay recently visited back to the city of Houston for press and a media run. And were happy to report no wigs have been snatched. Were going to keep an eye on this situation if it is a real situation. But if Nessacary don't watch out JB is going to stomp her little ass but Nessacary does keep her pistol and her pink poodle with her so lets see.


Queen Latifah - Just Another Day this weeks throw back of the day.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Introducing Malika Tiny, Her New Single Bounce Back

   This Blacktina from San Antonio,Tx. Standing in at 4'9 ft, full of fire debuted in 2017 with long time boyfriend Cityboistreets on his  album "Black Rose" with the release of her first official single "Bounce Back" also ft Cityboistreets and will be releasing this Monday

 Malika Tiny is born and raised from San Antonio, Tx . Her name is legally Malika Tiny.
I asked can she freestyle? she says" Hell No" i'm not there, but I do write all my own stuff'"
She loves to write poetry, she started writing music around eight. Her mother would teach her lyrics to music and when she was thirteen she discovered her rapping ability, when her uncle a producer  from Houston, Tx  produced her first song called "Facebook " . The dream of becoming a singer was short lived when she realized she couldn't sing (she laughs) .

"Tupac is what inspired my creativity and love to really start writing. I want people to be able to feel me and my passion through my lyrics.  Tupac and zro are my top two biggest influences." 

What are some controversies you have experienced so far ?
"Always had to prove myself, I feel people procrastinate on me, at one point didn't feel like people believed in me.."

Who are all the artist that you are looking forward to work with?
"Beyonce, if I do a song with Beyonce that means I made it because bitch that when you know you have made it, also Travis Scott, Money Bag YO, Young Thug , Lil Baby, Future , Dave East, Cardi B, The Migos. Timberland is the producer that I would love to work with if I could." 

What do you think about female mc's  movement now?
"I feel like we are all making a break through, soon females will be more dominate in todays hiphop.  to see  females join forces and  run the rap game would be amazing."
'I feel like Remy Ma and Cardi B is showing that no matter what you go through and where you come from you can still live your dream."

Well here Bounce Back Ft Cityboistreets by Malika Tiny

For The Record :Self Made Manager And Publicist, Houston's Number One Casting Director & Production Manager William Harris.

   If you don't know him already meet William Harris . This guy has been putting in work, living and showing the true meaning of getting out of the mud. Building and establishing his Company and Name.
      At first Fashion, runway instruction while branching of working in music entertainment but his first big break through in his career was successfully launching Designer Nicholas Nguyen and the clothing brand Mysterious by NPN,

  I asked William why is this past client and project is the most biggest turning points in his career? His answer "it;s when i truly saw my work, instinct, and  successfully socially engineering, building a brand."

On top of being one of the bridges in between the growth of Texas Fashion Community Winning 2017 and 2018 Fashion PR Award

. William took Mysterious By NPN from Houston to Austin, Dallas and broke the designer in New York and Atlanta all the way to Italian vogue.

I Asked William how?  " With my fashion connections and the angles I worked and i had already did my footwork building my name and I had rooted myself in the fashion industry. And literally pushing my car into up hill parking spots in a suit to show dresses."

 So the next thing I asked? When you parted with that brand, company what the your thought when the end came with you and Mysterious By NPN in late 2016? "I thought wow i had draw serious battle lines in the industry I was very competitive, exclusively pushing this one designer, time, contacts, really using my influence,ideas creativity with iterating with film,music strategies. So i at first thought i would be able to produce work like that again i was so wrong." Harris continues "I have worked and mentored, help build several of the local
Houston designers included Shalon B, Carlos Castello.       
                                                                                        Kara and Matt Swinney of Fashion X (Upove)

Omar Marcos (Runway Houston)

 Already established in the Fashion/ Entertainment industry community in Austin and Dallas working with from numerous Austin designers including jewlery designer Gay Isber and A-List Dallas TV Reality Personality James Doyle. Working with Fashion X when they were Fashionably Austin and with Austin Fashion Week naturally Houston became the third jewel. William now handles the expanding brand of another Nguyen. Designer Danny Nguyen with his Couture line, His  exciting urban wear Famous and Love, Introduction of Jimmy Crystals Houston. Styling shows on the side and making sure to have the industry best runway personalities on the runway to normal people there models like Rasheeda Hewitt who was placed in Houstonia Magazine.

Showing why he has stated his claim as one the top fashion publicist and Consultants working in the industry and the southern markets. The next big break through in his career started with a phone call from Director, Producer David Nguyen  and phone hasn't stopped ringing. 

   Building, working with Ox Picture Films,   realizing his dream and goals in film was not only possible but happening. he explains
   "When i first got the first serious call from Director David Nguyen, I say that because he would reach out to me for locations and my model, actor clients for roles."
  "But he called me said he would you come assist me on set, help with models and location for Twayne's music video Kylie Jenner ft Angelo Dorsey with a few phone calls, and mansion location out in Pearland, making it happen in less than a day was the birth of William Harris as a Casting Director, Film Producer and result Film Production Manager and placed him in sets with some amazing people. William is responsible for helping  produce videos like Travis Scott "Way Back "featuring NBA star James Harden, also music artist such as Just Brittnay, Nigerian #1 artist  Flavour including long list of other international artist such as Shatta Wale,Olamide, Wizkid, Tamba Hali. While working with another Director/Producer by the name of David Connolly on a film called "Manny" with Reality Star, TV Personality Madison Hinton aka TS Madison. On top of that adding Mtv, NBC and William claims it's not near enough.

  I asked what else drawn William to the film industry? "I have always lovd movies, Tv shows from the old golden age of Hollywood films 'Some like It Hot", Nick at night  TV shows I love Lucy, Happy days. But I love female action like Buffy, Xena, Le Femme Nikita and action movies period Bloodsport, Mortal Kombat are some of favs." " I love the acting, raw form of passion and emotion, to draw me in let me live the story." He adds I love the being around the people that get it."

Working with the crew, being a producer but as a Casting Director he has a true, rare eye' ear for talent and detail to each scene it's amazing to William working on set and back stage. I have had some moments where he got to take a lead role Assist Directing, Creative Directing  which as he described as "sometimes has me nervous and exciting and blood rushing fun." 

  And working with Actor, Model Jules Palton as his Publicist plus for the last 3 years helping and building his brand relationships and working with the actor on set. Also his career as a Entertainment Manager has been a journey. Working with recording artist Cityboistreets laying the blueprint that William Harris is the man with may have the recipe. In his sales pitch William say's he doesn't 

" Jules Palton as a actor has been such a serious mission to push them forward, get your client to the fore front with these producers, directors and in the running for the latest production. Cityboistreets are the proof, blueprint I've laid for my company so proving my methods work. Breaking  music artist and talents getting them to not only being up to code with industry standards.But showing them that dose not mean they have to limit them selves, telling there story and the many ways, angles."
 I asked what's the most challenging thing about management? "I would have to say the tough calls."

Have you hard any run ins? "I have worked with every top name and artist or manager in Houston, Texas knows my name, have I had any run ins not nothing physical maybe some haters or just people thinking they can test me. I found myself I know my lane i stay neutral as much as again."

What about being a gay man in straight hip hop world?
"Well at first i think I had to get out of my head about things it's 2018. And i had LGBT artist tell me that promoters, straight guys in the industry don't take me serious or respect me, because of my sexuality." "But My clients are cool and according Layzie Bone I'm a real motherfucker."

William works with radio host Skyla Dawn that's them on set to the left , female Houston rap artist Queen Lady Bishop and Haitian booming artist out of Florida named Billi'on. not only music artists and radio host's but also music producers his go is Houston's Mrjayondatracc, who produced Cityboistreets latest single Hop Out featuring Cashonly. Now people don't ask William what does he do now they know.
William Harris has proven that he has a recipe and want's more not only for him but is a rare type someone who want's the best for the ones that have tasked him to do the job. Hloyal Management & PR is the truth for artist on the climb to the celebrity and established brands.  

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Nicki pulled receipts and compared Cardi to jesus?

Nicki is going off from blowing up the cannons on Cardi B. Using a caller named "Brooke" who is legibly the woman who Cardi B called her dead child a monkey. Nicki also brought to light  the two strippers that "CardiB"  has sent her goons after  for sleeping with offset and stopping them from stripping at the top clubs. Nicki is expressing her embarrassment off the altercation during New York Fashion week. But she  apologized to Offset for having to bring his name up for fucking these two strippers. The girls have reported to been  beaten up and apparently having there"bags stopped". Also her love for Funk Master Flex. She called Cardi Troubled. Educated the people about the goat. Defending Serena Williams from a social media cartoon artist. Queen Radio is popping.