Thursday, June 24, 2021

BiggaState signs with Hloyal Management And Pr


Rising artist Biggastate is breaking major ground with his latest single release "Homeless too Phenom" that is just opening eyes to this chigaco born musical artist. Dispalying serious musical ability, lyrical talent music is anticipated from Biggastate. Another development from Biggastate is signing with Hloyal Management and PR working with Giovannie Mack and William B Harris Jr. Looking to go to the next level this selfmade and humbling once homeless artist is stability chasing, and accomplishing his goals, working as independent boss. 

Quentin Tarantino to Receive Rome Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award and as he should. We tell him thank you here's why.


Congratulations sincerely to the man that brought us "Jackie Brown" which is editor William Harris favorite movie. Thank you, Mr. Quentin Taratino you gave continuous work and opportunity to so many talents of color and produced and directed with some just fucking kickass, woman empowered, scary, phenomenal films.     

Bigga$tate- Chicago Freestyle Music Video(shot by white patch productions)

Monday, June 21, 2021

1.Number 1- Erica Banks - Toot That (feat. DreamDoll & BeatKing) [Official Music Video]

our number one video this countdown is "Toot That" by Erica Banks featuring Dream Doll and Beatking. 

2. Number 2 -Snow Tha Product - Never Be Me (Official Music Video)

Number two on the count down is Snow Tha Product. 

3. Number 3 - Stunna Bam - Rock Out Feat. Erica Banks (Official Music Video))

our number three video on the count down is Stunna Bam featuring Erica Banks. 

4. Number 4- Tay Money Feat. Flo Milli "Asthma Pump" (Official Music Video)

At number four it's Tay Money featuring Flo Milli - Asthma Pump. 

New joint of the week- Malika Tiny- Hella Lit

5. Number 5 - Tory Lanez - SKAT (feat. DaBaby) [Official Music Video]

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Houston Designer Chris Crane is also a Spotify indie charting artist.


Reaching 10k on spotify is not Chris Crane only thing to celebrate. This Houston local talent is also the creator and leading designer for DreamLoud a new streetwear brand that is catching major attention. With the music and fashion scene watching what this young influencer as he trends. Origanilly born in Illinois this now texas native is making some major moves. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Them Is must series on Amazon Prime


Them has become a hot topic. Opening African American eye's and has alot of questions swaming about the is there going to be a 2nd season. 

Saturday, June 5, 2021

A letter from Elina to her son.


On September 15th 2002 I started a journal, I wrote to my Baby; “When I first found out I was pregnant with you it was so hard, I’m only 15, Iam only in 10th grade!! Iam happy Iam pregnant with you, I love you so much and yet haven’t even met you. Its crazy how I feel. Some have been saying I ruined my life. I say everything happens for a reason, you are my reason! YOU are going to make my life better! I wonder who you will look like!!! Iam gonna be the best MOTHER to you, give you a good life, you will be able to talk to me about EVERYTHING, I love you”

Here we are, 18 years later on Graduation Day::

Son,  I hope I’ve given you a good life, and been the best mother to you, and you and I both know you can talk to me about every and anything, You did in fact make my life better, still my REASON,  you look like me,  and everything does happen for a reason. Also its still crazy how I feel, that has never gone away.  Yeah it was hard finding out about you, but I remember the day like it were yesterday, this unexplainable feeling rushing through my body and piercing through my heart,  when I knew you were meant to be mine and the universe knew I was supposed to be your Mother, there after it was Madonna “IM KEEPING MY BABY’ lol

You can say we ‘grew up’ together, just the two of us, you watched me finished high school, and I watched you grow into this amazing person.

 I remember dropping you off at your first day of school, and crying in the parking lot, I remember when you lost your first tooth, and I had to be the tooth fairy for the first time, when you found your teeth in my nightstand, the confusion on your face lol. To all the sporting events, I loved watching you play T-ball, you would throw you mitten in the air, and count the birds as they flew over the field, lol it was the funniest. Watching you fall in love, with basketball. You still love the game! You didn’t let kids bully other kids, you loved a good nerf gun fight to now we air box in the kitchen! Your dancing skills, how you would entertain everyone with those sweet moves.  Moving us to Austin, and we only had each other in this city, it’s been 10 years now, here in Austin, and it was the best decision I made for us, we planted a life here, and now in the blink of an eye, boom you are 18, graduating, Nate you are like the best person I ever met, you are smart, and kind, so compassionate, and brave. You wear your heart where everyone can see it, you stand up for what’s right.  Not to mention you are so Handsome!


Well, Pumpkin this is all too bittersweet! What a wild year, we’ve had, I didn’t think our bond could get any stronger; but it did.  You know I will forever and always be here for you, Mamma will forever have your back, just like you have mine!

Congratulations on this huge milestone in your life, I’m excited and ready for what life brings you next.


Black Sombrero filmworks Oscar Carrillo is the leading screenplay writer for "Wonder london" starring Tichina Arnold.


Black Sombrero Filmworks lead director and writer  Oscar Carrillo’s Screenplay, “Wonder London,” starring Tichina Arnold enters principle filming for the story of a young black female superhero. "Wonder london" which is being filmed in Houston is making alot of waves, writer Oscar Carrillo is making sure he dose miss it. With success of this production and the next around in works Black sombrero filmworks Oscar Carrillo along with partner Alexis Robbie who is the leading showrunner, producer of Queen Messiah which is in the finale stages of pitch and already has billboard bounce artist,producer Big Freedia already interest as music producer and consultant.  

Arsdawgfbe is out on bond, seems to be breaking more than the breakout artist spotify charts.


Already the gangsta rap artist known as Arsdawgfbe was arrested for a minor traffic violation and modification of a handgun. Currently, out on bond, his touring schedule is taking a hit is this guy even listening to his representation. Will keep you posted as this story develops.