Saturday, September 11, 2021

JAMES C B Gray producer of Playbook Redemption


African American Actor, Producer and Civil Rights Activist, James C.B Gray is set out to produce and star in a new episodic production called ‘The Playbook Redemption’, and today we have been able to get an exclusive reveal in more details about the production as well as the cast! 

It’s officially confirmed that Actor James C.B Gray will also star in his production of ‘THE PLAYBOOK REDEMPTION’ as the role of Prince. Prince is a major underwood figure with ties to the MOB. He is deeply seeded in the streets of the Bronx in a section called ‘The Valley’. The Valley Mob which is his crew, at the top has 2 of Prince’s right handed men, Riz & Grady. 

Actor ‘Markuaan Smith’ has officially been cast as the role of ‘Riz’ in The Playbook Redemption. Markuaan Smith is a professional writer, executive producer of the Epix Network Hit TV Show ‘Godfather of Harlem’ a smash hit show that features Forest Whitaker as lead Actor. 

Actor ‘Los Jones’ is officially confirmed to be cast as the role of ‘Grady’ in the Playbook Redemption. Los Jones is one of the rising star actors in the film industry and if you’re a 50 Cent fan, you can catch Los Jones in the multi million dollar hit film ‘Before I Self Destruct’ alongside 50 CENT.