Tuesday, May 30, 2023

William B. Harris Jr.: A Resilient Entrepreneur Overcoming Adversity in PR and Management


William b Harris Jr / Major of Port lavaca Mayor Jack Whitlow

William B. Harris Jr., the owner of Hloyal Management and PR, is a remarkable individual whose journey from a small town in Port Lavaca, Texas, to establishing a successful PR company is an inspiring tale of resilience and determination. Despite facing numerous hardships, including homelessness and the challenges of living with ADHD, Harris has remained focused on his goals and has carved a name for himself in the competitive industries of film, fashion, and music. This write-up explores his journey, highlighting the obstacles he overcame and his unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth.

Early Life and Challenges: Born and raised in the modest town of Port Lavaca, Harris experienced his fair share of challenges from an early age. Growing up in a small community presented limited opportunities, making it difficult for him to envision a future beyond the confines of his hometown. However, his innate passion for creativity and a desire to make a difference in the world served as catalysts for his journey.

Overcoming Homelessness and Adversity: Harris's path was far from smooth, and he faced a period of homelessness during his formative years. This setback could have easily discouraged him, but he chose to view it as a temporary hurdle rather than an insurmountable obstacle. Determined to rise above his circumstances, he tapped into his resilience and focused on finding solutions. Through sheer determination, he managed to overcome homelessness, displaying an unwavering commitment to improving his situation.

Dealing with ADHD: In addition to his experiences with homelessness, Harris also had to confront the challenges posed by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This neurodevelopmental disorder can make it difficult for individuals to concentrate, stay organized, and manage time effectively. Despite these obstacles, Harris refused to let ADHD define him or limit his potential. Instead, he developed strategies to work with his condition, harnessing his creativity and high energy to excel in his chosen fields.

Establishing Hloyal Management and PR: Driven by a deep-rooted passion for PR, film, fashion, and music, Harris embarked on a mission to make his mark in these industries. In 2013, he founded Hloyal Management and PR, a company that has thrived under his leadership for over a decade. Through his entrepreneurial spirit, Harris has developed a reputation for his ability to navigate the complex and ever-evolving worlds of entertainment and media.

Success and Impact: Throughout his career, Harris has worked tirelessly to build relationships and create opportunities for his clients in film, fashion, and music. His unique perspective, combined with a keen eye for talent, has allowed him to connect artists and brands, leading to successful collaborations and strategic partnerships. Through Hloyal Management and PR, Harris has contributed to the success of numerous projects, elevating the careers of rising stars and established figures alike.

Conclusion: William B. Harris Jr.'s journey from a small town in Texas to the owner of Hloyal Management and PR serves as an inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals facing adversity. Overcoming homelessness, dealing with ADHD, and navigating the competitive realms of film, fashion, and music, Harris has demonstrated remarkable resilience, determination, and a relentless pursuit of his dreams. His story reminds us that with unwavering focus and the willingness to overcome obstacles, one can create a meaningful and successful path in any chosen field.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

William B Harris and Giovanni Mack: The Dynamic Duo Shaking Up the PR Industry


Hloyal Management and PR is thrilled to announce the addition of two industry powerhouses, William B Harris and Giovanni Mack, to their dynamic team. With their combined expertise and unparalleled creativity, Hloyal Management and PR is set to redefine the landscape of public relations and brand management.

William B Harris, a seasoned PR strategist, brings a wealth of experience and an impressive track record to the Hloyal team. With a keen eye for detail and an innate understanding of consumer behavior, Harris has successfully spearheaded countless high-profile campaigns that have elevated brands to new heights. His strategic approach and unwavering commitment to excellence have earned him accolades from both clients and peers.

Joining Harris is Giovanni Mack, a gifted storyteller and creative genius. With a unique blend of artistic flair and business acumen, Mack has the ability to craft compelling narratives that resonate with audiences across various platforms. His innovative approach to brand communication has captivated audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the brands he has worked with.

Together, Harris and Mack form an unstoppable force, bringing their collective talents and visionary thinking to Hloyal Management and PR. With a shared passion for creating authentic connections and fostering brand loyalty, they are poised to deliver transformative results for their clients.

Hloyal Management and PR is renowned for its ability to deliver exceptional results and its commitment to cultivating long-term relationships with its clients. The addition of William B Harris and Giovanni Mack further solidifies their reputation as industry leaders, pushing the boundaries of traditional public relations to deliver cutting-edge strategies that captivate audiences and drive business growth.

"We are thrilled to have William B Harris and Giovanni Mack to our team. "Their unparalleled expertise and innovative thinking will undoubtedly propel us to new heights. With their unique skill sets, we are confident in our ability to exceed client expectations and create extraordinary campaigns that resonate with audiences."

Hloyal Management and PR is excited to embark on this new chapter with William B Harris and Giovanni Mack. Together, they are poised to revolutionize the industry and set new standards of excellence in public relations and brand management.

Reality TV Sensation De Juan VaLentine Joins Forces with HLoyal Management and PR

 HLoyal Management and PR is thrilled to announce the signing of De Juan VaLentine, the charismatic star of the hit TLC reality show, to its esteemed roster of talent. With this exciting collaboration, De Juan VaLentine is set to take his career to new heights under the expert guidance and representation of HLoyal Management and PR.

De Juan VaLentine, widely recognized for his magnetic personality and infectious energy, first captivated audiences on the popular reality television series that brought viewers into the extraordinary lives of a dynamic group of individuals. With his magnetic charm and captivating presence, De Juan VaLentine quickly became a fan favorite, gaining a loyal following across the nation.

Recognizing his immense potential and undeniable star power, HLoyal Management and PR wasted no time in securing a partnership with De Juan VaLentine. With their extensive experience in talent management and public relations, HLoyal is poised to catapult De Juan VaLentine's career to the next level, ensuring he reaches his full potential in the entertainment industry.

HLoyal Management and PR is renowned for its impeccable track record of success in talent representation and strategic brand building. Their team of seasoned professionals possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise, having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. With a strong network of connections and a deep understanding of the entertainment landscape, HLoyal is well-equipped to guide De Juan VaLentine's career in the right direction.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the collaboration, De Juan VaLentine stated, "I am beyond excited to partner with HLoyal Management and PR. Their reputation in the industry is unmatched, and I am confident that together we can achieve great things. I'm ready to take my career to new heights and show the world what I'm capable of."

HLoyal Management and PR echoed their excitement, with the company's CEO stating, "We are thrilled to welcome De Juan VaLentine to the HLoyal family. He is a remarkable talent with a genuine connection to his audience. Our team is committed to providing the support, guidance, and opportunities needed for him to excel in the entertainment industry."

As De Juan VaLentine embarks on this exciting new chapter of his career, fans can expect to see him grace their screens in various upcoming projects. With HLoyal Management and PR steering the ship, there is no doubt that De Juan VaLentine is poised to make an indelible mark in the world of entertainment.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Hloyal Management and PR Celebrate the Viral Success of Thee Trap Queenz on the BigoLive and Announce Plans to Take Their Online Variety Show to the Live Stage

 Hloyal Management and PR is thrilled to announce the incredible viral success of Thee Trap Queenz on the Bigo streaming app. The online variety show, featuring an extraordinary blend of talent, humor, and entertainment, has captivated audiences worldwide and amassed a dedicated fan base. Building on this achievement, Hloyal Management and PR is excited to unveil plans for Thee Trap Queenz to transition from the digital realm to a live on-stage variety show.

Thee Trap Queenz has become a sensation on the Bigolive, captivating viewers with its unique and dynamic performances. The show, hosted by a talented group of individuals who excel in music, dance, comedy, and other artistic expressions, has generated an enormous following due to its creative and engaging content. The team at Hloyal Management and PR has been instrumental in harnessing this viral success and establishing Thee Trap Queenz as a prominent force in the online entertainment landscape.

Recognizing the overwhelming demand from their devoted fan base, Hloyal Management and PR, in collaboration with Thee Trap Queenz, are now taking the next big step by bringing the show from the digital world to the live stage. This transition aims to offer fans an unforgettable experience, where they can witness the electrifying energy and talent of Thee Trap Queenz up close and personal.

"We are truly amazed by the overwhelming response and support Thee Trap Queenz has received on the Bigo streaming app," said William Harris, spokesperson for Hloyal Management and PR. "Our team has been working tirelessly to nurture and promote the show, and we are thrilled to announce our plans for a live on-stage variety show. This transition will allow us to bring the magic of Thee Trap Queenz to a broader audience and provide an immersive experience that will stay with fans for a lifetime."

Thee Trap Queenz live on-stage variety show will showcase an expanded repertoire of performances, featuring high-energy music, dance routines, comedy skits, and much more. Audiences can expect a captivating fusion of creativity and talent, as Thee Trap Queenz captivate them with their unique style and infectious energy.

As preparations for the live show are underway, Hloyal Management and PR are actively exploring potential partnerships with leading venues and event organizers to ensure a memorable and seamless experience for both the performers and the audience. Further details regarding the dates, locations, and ticket sales will be announced in the coming months.

The success of Thee Trap Queenz on the Bigo streaming app is a testament to the power of captivating content and the incredible talent of its performers. Hloyal Management and PR are confident that their transition to a live on-stage variety show will further elevate Thee Trap Queenz's reach and impact, providing fans with an unforgettable entertainment experience.

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Lyriq Luchiano our May issue Cover Feature - Getting to know lyriq Luchiano


Lyriq Luchiano is a unique and impactful artist. His sound is needed in the industry and original voice and voice for male emotion. Too many artists are afraid to express or show false or hide them with metaphors, so taking the lead with my narrative choosing my reactions, and responses to conquer the path that I am on. 

What is our biggest struggle as an artist? My biggest struggle as an artist is gaining recognition to be a mainstream artist from a small area. 

How have you been dealing with viral fans: I thank them and I engage with them. I drop material for my supporters routinely and constantly so they never go thirsty.

How have you been dealing with your viral fan success?  I thank them and I engage with them. I drop material for my supporters routinely and constantly so they never go thirsty.

So what inspired your latest album? PTSD. 

Who are you hoping to look forward to working with? Chris Brown, Da Baby, Jacquees, Lil Durk, NBA Youngboy, Drake

Who is a big inspiration to you?  My Mother 

What outside challenges do you face? Balancing my career and my personal time, and my life.

What new challenges have arisen? I Tryna give my relationships & music at the same equal time 

What advice would you give to other inspiring artists or working new artists? Start early and don’t give up until you figure out the puzzle. 

The "Now Trending" album is making serious numbers on the Itune charts and Spotify charts and lyriq is inspiring and helps others tell their own stories.