Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Slime Season - Cityboistreets ft Piffboy Ziggy

The Piff Boyz have struck again. Cityboistreets and Ziggy teamed up again with a new hit called Slime Season. the video feature alot of the Piff Boy squad these boys are hitting and they still haven't slowed down.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Friday, October 7, 2016

Janis Joplin - Summertime

Janis Joplin is one America's most slept on artist. Check out Summer Time.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

All Hail Icess.

Marissa Renay Cook also known as Lady Icess now going by just Icess, born in Atlanta TX in September 15, 1991. At the age of 6 her mother Darlene Cook who was also a singer as well noticed her daughter was gifted with talent of music and song. With her love and gift of music she found her self joining the local Shiloh Baptist Church choir. She always had a love for music from church gospel to Hip Hop and R&B and country. Over the years she noticed she had a talent to make rhymes and a sassy attitude to match. Lady Icess was created in 2012 and that’s when the story of Icess began. Since she has already made major collaborations with artist such as BeatKing and her own  first self released album titled “Phucker Up”. Not stopping the she helped form a indy label called Brutalful Entertainment were she is still an active partner. Her album "Phucker up" which got her some major notice. Icess is on a mission to leave her mark on the industry not limiting her career, even exploring modeling, acting and not limiting herself to 1 genre of music. She is proud to be an artist that use’s her own hands to help build her pyramid and the legacy of Icess.

CRAY - Just Brittany

Sunday, September 18, 2016

AMD1•Dragon Empress����

From the Inspiring Young Age of 9. An Empress Born To Whom is Now Referred To & Has Earned
The Alias THE EMPRESS RZA AMD1 CEO of MAZDELUZIONZ & M.C.T.M.B. Forever Consumed
By the hip hop genre & Inspired by many legendary artists from the likes of MC.Lyte, to MC
Shan,Run DMC and Many More to name...AMD1 Began as a Lyricist to Composing Beats as the
Years Progressed onto what became an entry into the DJ W
orld while forming a small crew of 5
members known as Mazdeluzionz which now consists of close to 9 members and the main
Headliner & AMD1 Born Leader & EMPRESS of MAZDELUZIONZ & T.I.M.E.] My Creation My
Formation!!! STATS: Marketing/Promoting/Production Management./Engineer/Female Lyricist/DJ
quite a few Spots/Beat Compositions/Producer Etc...(AMD1 C.E.O. of
MAZDELUZIONZ & T.I.M.E. in Assoc. w/ P.A.I.D. 4 GRFX Much Luv,Sincerely...AMD1 (#Salute To
ALL My Fans For Constant Support So One Day I W
ill Go Down In History...Remember Without
You Guys I'm Just His-Story