Friday, August 24, 2018

FrostBBM Is Free and Valid

FrostBBM is a philly rapper but he has the streets buzzing. Working out of Chicago, talk of bring some of his swag to the south Frost is the winter and its coming.
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Every female rapper was smashed in .60 seconds by H-Towns Queen Lady Bishop

Queen Lady Bishops 
(Our version of the clip is distorted go to @queenofplex on Instagram)
With the social media drop of her new single from her first official album from the known hoover crip Queen Lady Bishop made a statement to the industry and every female rapper and mc. The Haitian voodoo goddess is here to stay. 

Question is did she or did she not?

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Yella Bezzy,Cityboistreets,Ziggy The Voices Of THE HUSTLE

Regardless With Yella Bezzy And Ziggy and Cityboistreets is the Voice of the Hustle...

Queen Naija steals beat from upcoming Artist Cityboistreets.

Apparently the social media  vloger / R&B singer has been accused of taking the beat from her Hit single medicine  from young upcoming rapper Cityboistreets who had released his song "How you feeling" early February 2017 while on tour. two months later Queen Naija drooped Medicine in April. we reached out to Cityboistreets team and was told "we don't know how it happened We recording the track in Atlanta and worked with two producers, the business was done on the track". So we emailed Queen Naija still no response. so we will keep you posted but check out both cityboistreets "How you feeling" and Queen Naija "Medicine" you tell us.

 How you feeling- cityboistreets

Queen Naija - Medicine

Friday, April 20, 2018

Queen Lady Bishop does she have bars or nah?

Houston's underground is making more noise than ever before, Queen Lady Bishop is one of the reason's why. Already coming strong with her album Chenice Luevua coming out this summer and her new music video "Ciabatta" this female MC is an embodiment of gangsta rap music.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Ain't No Way - (PiffBoyz) CityBoiStreets, Ziggy, Jtone ft Caskey - cityb...

Ain't no way this is not the first of many hits from this crew. Since 2016 the no apologies tour when Cash Money artist met Cityboistreets, Ziggy, Maxccent and the Piffboyz.  Caskey killed and showed why he next to blow from Cash Money. Cityboistreets snapped and took you to the moon. LA showed love with Moon Rockets LA . Piffboy Ziggy and Jtone killed it. More is to come from the piffboyz camp.