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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Port Lavaca Tragedy hits Houston's Queen Lady Bishop with the loss of her eldest son.

It's a sad, heartbreaking time for Queen Lady Bishop who was riding a good note from the release of the remastered album Cheniece Laveau, now is in mourning for the loss of her eldest son Adam Fox on Sunday, August 22nd.   

The nineteen-year-old Calhoun county graduate was found dead in his vehicle, cause of death was suicide the talented, happy, young father took his own life. Details are still unknown, Apparently, there were custody issues mother had refused Adam from seeing his child. Adam had just taking school sweat heart ( Mother) and on a vacation to Cabo, Mexico recently in June, he was a loving father to his decided end making his best friend promise to look after his child, Adam even texted and said final words to his family before driving himself to Magnolia beach and ending his life. It is so sad to see such you live cut short that was full of potential. Prays to Queen Lady bishop and her family. We keep you covered on this story.  

Rest in peace Adam Fox

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Arsdawgfbe is out on bond, seems to be breaking more than the breakout artist spotify charts.


Already the gangsta rap artist known as Arsdawgfbe was arrested for a minor traffic violation and modification of a handgun. Currently, out on bond, his touring schedule is taking a hit is this guy even listening to his representation. Will keep you posted as this story develops.