Thursday, September 21, 2017

Mollie Is On The Move

  Mollie also known as Piff Girl Mollie from the San Antonio based rap group known as the Piff Boyz who are currently on tour. Along with performing with the group she is starting to branch out working on her upcoming solo album "Mollie Whop". Mollie say's before she goes stage to perform tonight "I love the 361 and here tonight on tour means a lot, I just plan to keep moving" we watch on stage as she kills the show with her awesome lyrics.   

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Sunday, September 17, 2017


See Green is making the streets of Houston feel the heat. working with Bruce Bangz they have mad a smash single "Run It Up", which has already been circulated has the woke movement anthem. This New York originating artist is was even caught leaning a helping hand during the hurricane Harvey disaster. not slowing down be dubbed one of the next to blow. Lets see what SEE Green does.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

CityBoyStreets & Daylyt team up for the Bag of Bones Tour

Bone, Thugs and Harmony / Flesh -N-Bone signed artist CityBoiStreets is headlining his first tour.
Teaming up with known l.A recording artist & battle rapper Daylyt joins city and a few talented friends .
Also debuting in new breakout artist MAJOR who is on a role with his newly released single BeatKing called Twerk Fight. MAJOR and CityBoiStreets also cooked up a killer track called "Blow a Bag". I had the pleasure of listening it is going to be a treat. CityBoistreets  will be perfoming his solo new  material on tour showing how he is standing on his own.
go check out @bagofbonestour on all social media platforms for tickets. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

New Celebrity Choreographer Hitting Houston

Edgar Duconger Varona


This rising Cuban choreographer is new to the H-Town scene.  Edgar is currently pursuing his passion as a Dance instructor at B.U. 4 the Arts dance studio.  He has already worked with some of the hottest recording artists music video directors from  Cuba and Mexico.  He is now making headlines my working alongside Houston's phenomenal independent film maker, David Nguyen. Edgar now is one of the New leading Dance instructors at B.U. 4 the Arts owned by Courtney "Prince" White.  From performing in the new Angelo Dorsey music video "Stay" and choreographing, Edgar is eager and continually strives to pursue his passions and reach his goals.  Keep your eye's out for
Edgar Duconger Varona.  

The Skyla Dawn Show


   Last week, we had the pleasure of meeting and talking to radio personality and angel of the Houston radio Skyla Dawn who last week before she went on the air with 90. 1 damage control she will be Taking herself live.  She states " I love radio and the people that I am able to meet.  Skyla Dawn has interviewed many amazing artists such as Paul Wall, Lil' Ronnie, Travis Scott, DJ Chose, MrJayOnDatracc and a hot new female artist group "Blushhh".  Skyla said "at first, when my P.R. and co-lead lead producer, William Harris, said "Skyla we're going live", she was definitely not open to the idea since she views herself as somewhat of a goofball.  At the time, she was solely focused on wanting to stick with radio.  One thing she boldly stated was "If you know William, he doesn't give up"! With that, Skyla's perspective began to change.  The Skyla Dawn Show is in post with producers Kyle Fu and Danny Nguyen.  "Manny", a TV pilot being produced by David Connelly, Skyla can be seen on set playing a major role.  This production is still in process of season 1 film completion and is set on being a Netflix series. Skyla says "I want to have fun with guest performers and shed light on the charities I am involved with". She is truly a gem and we take great pleasure in watching live her dreams.
Stay tuned for more of Houston's HipHop Alert.