Friday, December 23, 2022

Tory Lanez found guilty.

Tory Lanez found guilty of all charges

Tory Lanez is guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot back in 2020 ... a jury has decided.

The verdict came in Friday, just before the holiday -- where a group of L.A. jurors found the Canadian rapper guilty of all three charges against him -- felony negligent discharge of a firearm, assault with a semiautomatic firearm, and carrying a loaded and unregistered firearm.

Tory was filmed entering court before the verdict was read, telling cameras his spirits were high.

Tory now faces more than 22 years in prison, which will be determined during sentencing at a later date. Sources connected to the case tell us Tory's lawyers were n in touch with immigration officials -- before the guilty verdict -- and we're told they've been informed there's a strong likelihood he will be forced to leave the country.

This marks the conclusion of a wild 2 weeks in court, which saw a handful of witnesses take the stand to recount what they say happened on that fateful night. Megan herself obviously testified, squarely pointing the finger at Tory as the shooter.

She said she saw Tory with the gun, explaining she remembers him firing at her from his Cadillac Escalade ... and claims he shouted, "Dance, bitch!" MTS also testified that Tory offered her $1 million to keep quiet.

Meg was called out by the defense for several items, including the fact she initially wasn't forthright about having an intimate relationship with Tory Lanez, and that she'd initially lied to police about how her feet had gotten injured. (Source: TMZ)

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Dj Twitch has gone to Glory.

R.I.P to DJ Twitch 

Gunna to be released after guilty plea.

Gunna pleaded guilty Wednesday (Dec. 14) in the closely-watched criminal case against #YoungThug and other alleged members of an Atlanta gang, ending his involvement in the sprawling case and securing his release from jail.⁠
Despite the plea deal, Gunna stressed that he had not agreed to work with prosecutors in any way to convict Young Thug or any of the other defendants.⁠
In a statement released by his lawyers, #Gunna (real name Sergio Kitchens) said he had taken a so-called Alford plea — a maneuver that allows a defendant to enter a formal admission of guilt while still maintaining their innocence — “to end my personal ordeal.”⁠

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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Just Talk Spotlight - College graduate Tishona White Villarreal.

Congratulations to Tishona White Villarreal for all her hardwork and accomplishments.  she will be graduating from Lamar university Beaumont, Texas this December. follow her on Instagram @tishonaj_24 
Words of encouragement - "Even when your the only one who can see the vision, the finish line trust and believe in God and yourself and even when it's hard smile because you did it when they thought you was all talk, all the personal sacrifice, discipline to get you to your next amazing step of life" 

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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

How did new twitch creator IamHloyal fights for equality, has Xbox Insiders outraged with Destiny 2 clip.


How does a twitch content creator get into an open forum about race equality? 
After our William B Harris Jr also known in the gaming, and social media community as Iamhloyal, after posting clips for his twitch live stream, got the idea to drop a clip and was inspired to post a self-inspired move in the free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter game originally developed by Bungie who was recently bought my PlayStations.  The highly loved MMO has had fans and players around the world since its release in 2017. After posting this barely 60-second clip on Reddit the Xbox insiders a media that is supposed to allow all players to be able to share their personal experiences. 

But After his approved post went to the top via medium less than 17 minutes after being released the moderators decide that it wasn't a proper fit. With at least 300 viewers at the time and the quality of another video, it was clear the way some shady behavior from the moderator. But tangling with the iamhloyal is an experience like any other. Share your thoughts on this?  We will keep you posted as this develops. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Destiny 2 Exotic Sweet Business Review and new perspective from IamHloyal

After playing faithfully with the sleep on and highly down played exotic Destiny enthusiast William Harris more commely known as IamHloyal. His take and found mastery of this exotic that the elite players dismiss and other find frustrating whether be the barrol, or just a player who has no patience find this awesome gun difficult. 

IamHloyal not only mastered the weapon, utilizing a serious tight build were the annoy reload of the weapon isn't even a variable anymore. The auto rifle that is a mini high powered gattlan styled machine gun, holds 150 rounds with a slow reload speed that annoys players. IamHloyal doesn't even worry with the tight build and a exc
otic chest piece that allow machine gun / sub machine guns to automatically reload, mean IamHloyal doesn't have to stop shoots, as a serious add clearer, 1,500+ Players dropped and counting IamHloyal is determined to be the king of the Sweet Business.  

IAMHLOYAL Sweet Business Tips 
Just hold the button down.
Even with a automatic reload I have to stay aware and watch my radar to warm my gun up. 

Also have a side arm, shotgun or hand cannon as you 2nd. 

You follow someone in the air. And even shoot out oricals in raids. 

Always trust your own experiences and remember destiny allows you to have personality even in your style of play so find what works for you, try every type of weapon you may find a version of each one you like. 

Make sure and pre order Destiny 2 Lightfall